Athena P - Yeehaw song (country girl country boy)

Country girl
Country boy
Hetero story
What a joy!
It's a tale
Older than dirt
But that bright young woman
Is going to take off her shirt
Country man
Without a plan
(He has no plan)
Falls head first
In love and in dirt
(So much dirt)
He cares for the cow
But not for his heart
He falls in the dirt again
The cow lets out a fart
Even though their family tree looks like a spider web
Stressful situations fill them full of dread
They still belong together
His mom even said those two gave her the tinglies
That's not weird for her to say so grow up please
Donkey kong on her heart and boobies
(You know the lyrics sing along)
Country girl country boy
Hetero story (SO STRAIGHT)
What a joy it's a tale older than dirt
But that handsome cowboy is going under her skirt
(They're fucking)

Written by:
Athena Priftakis

Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid

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