No I.D., Dug Infinite and Common - State to State

featuring Common Dug Infinite

"We skate on suckers who perpetrate

And lay down law from state to state" Run D.M.C.

(repeat 4X)

Check it out one time

"We skate on suckers who perpetrate..."

State to state state to state

(Dug Infinite)

Now you got to tell me right now is you man or meese?

Is it man or beast cause I plan to release

the rent essentials what's my name, confidential

Na nah don't tell a soul but I sold my credentials

Skipper off my team, everybody Top Gun

Fortify the army, you can't beat us with a pop gun

I stop one allowed with one thought on my mind

Number ten is a hero take that one and make him zero

That's law, word to Shapiro, Infinite's a colonel

Now put that in your journal better yet in your eternal

We heavy like a sledgehammer, with Know the Ledge grammar

A bad mamma jamma all the way to Alabama

Chi-Town, where we don't fight over coasts

Cause the one that's in the middle is the one that see the most

No time for that (word) we burn cells, no time for fat

Let's say you like brain cells, we like state to state

"We skate on suckers who perpetrate

And lay down law from state to state" Run-D.M.C.

(repeat 3.5X)


I, gain... ground

Through my, pain... I came to bring it

I brought it, to the forefront, work in the back

Beauty Shop with the storefront

Hyde Park beeper chicks with the hardcore cunts

Didn't grow up ghetto where I'm tryin to get to is the same as you

I ain't a player, but I'm in the game with you

It's people in my city, that's just as lame as you

Laid the framework now at the door my name work

Free drinks attention paid, that's how the game work

My flow became land, with mathematics

I reign supreme like the Rainman

Piss in unknown spots, givin dap with the same hand

Raps overlaps and fill gaps in the rap industry

For those whose tired of the same similies

Hood stories, and songs to homies in penetentiaries

Chances I take over breaks, to make shit interesting

My city'll hold it down like bends in intersections

Wanted to say Fuck the Police, I ain't had no protection

Got the License to Ill, the real one got suspended in time

Brother you'll see it ain't all about the promo

Source rating groupies and album photos

A stick man with a message and a mag should be my logo

Think I'll start sportin that instead of Polo, uhh... yo

"We skate on suckers who perpetrate

And lay down law from state to state"

(repeat 3.5X)

(No I.D.)

... I decipher data

Computer program the ill chatter

Brain stimulize sparks everytime I reply

My telescopic type topics smash your planet when I drop it

Eighty-eight popped it and locked it

Ninety-seven time to rock it, grown man status

I'm pushin three-zero, I plan to be the baddest

like hip-hop hero in the game MC

And makin sure that what you seein opens up your mind

When I kick the hard to find, strategic, rhyme design

Supersede your average line, intertwine when I combine

Elevatin mankind, attract a scholar

I convert poetry to dollars, a risk taker

Money maker got no collar, this one nigga asked me

Well who you be? I be a store ownin real-estate flippin MC

Just makin beats on the side

Another way to survive, I turn around artists

Portfolio diversified, it's obvious

I ain't your average hip-hopper

to get up on the microphone and can't come proper

I be the MC to keep the clubs cold jumpin

I be the MC that's sayin somethin never nothin

"... and lay down laws from state to state"

"We skate on suckers who perpetrate

And lay down law from state to state" Run-D.M.C.

(repeat 3X)

Written by:
Joseph Simmons, Darryl Mcdaniels, Rick Rubin, Ernest Dion Wilson, Douglas Thomas, Lonnie Liston Smith

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group

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No I.D., Dug Infinite and Common

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