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Ariana Grande defends Nicki Minaj lyrics

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Ariana Grande has hit back at rumours that she is feuding with friends and collaborator Nicki Minaj after the rapper mentioned Grande in her new song.

Ariana fans seemingly became suspicious after Minaj's latest song 'Bust Down Barbiana' was released with the lyrics 'Killing everybody beat, thank you, next Ariana'. However, Grande confirmed the lyrics were certainly not a sign of her friend being "shady" and all was well between them.

In reply to a fan, Grande said: "There will never be anything but love between us ever. She’s been there for me (in real life) every time i’ve needed somebody & i’ll always be there for her. We love each other. Bet."

Nicki also got involved, replying to her long time collaborator to confirm she felt the same way. She said: "Not more than you’ve been there for me behind the scenes. Love you. For life."

Many fans had reportedly believed the apparent feud to be a follow up to tension between the pair in December last year, when Minaj appeared to side with Pete Davidson following his split from Grande.

After the pair had parted ways, Pete revealed he had been "bullied" by Ariana fans and began to share suicidal thoughts on his social media pages. Nicki then took to the social networks to express her concern and support for Pete, which many Ariana fans took as a clear sign she was siding with Davidson. However, these rumours eventually died down when Minaj and Grande continued to speak highly of each other both on and off the internet.

The successful pair have a total of five collaborations under their belts, including 'Bed', 'Side to Side' and 'The Light is Coming', but Ariana has confirmed that there won't be any joint songs in her new album 'thank u, next'.