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Mystery lyrics confirmed

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Here’s an interesting story.

Mystery envelopes have been found by fans at various European locations with ‘Foals’ written on the front. Randomly placed in locations like train stations and elevators, questions were quickly raised.

The band has now confirmed that the envelopes contained the lyrics to their new single, Exits.

An interesting approach to launching a new track, one envelope featured the band’s logo and was accompanied by coordinates, which appeared to be the location of the other envelope. Enclosed in a white envelope casually plastered to the wall, the locations of the envelopes varied from Amsterdam to Hamburg, with one that contained the complete lyrics of the new single.

Foals posted the pictures of the mysterious envelopes on their Twitter account and with a post on Reddit eventually confirmed the lyrics as belonging to their new single, which may actually be the first song to feature in the band’s upcoming fifth album.

Here’s a little preview of the chorus:

I wish I could’ve come up
I could’ve shouted out loud
But they got exits covered
All the exits underground
I wish I could figure it out
But the world’s upside down...

Frontman Yannis Philippakis said: “I think the world is obviously affecting the way we feel as individuals.

“I definitely feel that when I’m writing lyrics or music, that it’s in dialogue with what’s going on around me in isolation – so I’m sure there will be things in the lyrics to do with, not just the political climate but also the environmental situation that’s happening now. I think that it will be there.”

The creators of Spanish Sahara returned to the studio at the end of 2017 and are gearing up to release two albums.

Stay tuned on lyricfinder for a full copy of the lyrics from the album.